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Unleash the magic at your corporate gatherings and private parties by selecting My Photo Station for an unforgettable experience. Our service extends to venues in Greater Manchester, Chester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Doncaster, Barnsley, Preston, and even as far as York. If you're seeking something distinctive, explore our evolving collection of modern photo booths, including the trendy animated gif photo booth.​

My Photo Station


Discover the ultimate photo booth experience with My Photo Station – your premier choice for photo booth rentals in Greater Manchester and beyond. Elevate your events, whether it's a wedding, corporate launch, award ceremony, or birthday, with our stylish and top-notch photo booths.

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Our commitment to quality

At My Photo Station, we boast the fastest commercial Mitsubishi-manufactured 10-second photo printers and cutting-edge Canon DSLR cameras.

The result? Crisp, high-quality photos delivered in an instant.

Our booths are equipped with various lighting systems to ensure flattering and superbly detailed pictures.

 We guarantee a seamless blend of impeccable style, swift operational speed, and consistently superior photo quality. At My Photo Station, our dedication to excellence ensures that every moment captured is not just an image but a timeless memory crafted with precision and care.

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